How to turn off autocorrect on Samsung galaxy J5 Pro

Am going to keep this post very short because its very easy to turn autocorrect on or off on the Samsung galaxy J5Pro.

Follow these instructions here after ang get it done under 20 seconds.

Go to the sms app or just any app that will enable you bring up the Samsung keyboard as you enter into typing mode.

Type a word and click on the little right arrow that is at the bottom of the suggested words tray. See screenshot below

Toggle the button to either turn autocorrect on or off on your Samsung galaxy J5 Pro.

Additionally you may also want to turn off predictive typing, auto capitalize, autospacing, autopunctute and swipe controls.

Tap on the gear icon to the left of the space bar key and make use of the resultant screen.

And that is it!

Thank you for stopping by.

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