Designing the home page for a small business website on blogger

This post is a continuation of How to structure and design a website on blogger where you learned:
  • How to prepare a skeleton for the overall website, 
  • Selecting a desing for body and footer of the website, and
  • Removing/hidding unwanted page elements that would make the blog look like a website.
In this post, you will design a home page for your website and learn skills that come in handy when realizing your own imaginative designs. 

Before proceeding lets display the pages we created  on the website in the form of a horizontal menu. 
  • Go to layout on the dashboard and underneath the Header gadget, click Add a Gadget link. 
  • On the popup window, look for Pages and click the plus sign next to it to add it to the website. 
  • In the popup window, delete the title of the Gadget.
  • Configure the page list. You will notice that there are two Home pages. The first (which is editable) is the default home page by Blogger and the second (available via check boxes) is the one you created. We do not need the default home page so uncheck it and check all others then click save. 
Add Pages Gadget to Blogger
After adding the pages gadget the website should look something like in the image below

Structured website

The home page design proper

Now that the oveall structure and look of the website is achieved, it is time to start working on the individual pages. The skills we employ here can be used to do other amazing things on other pages of the website. We are going to add:
  • A slider to the home page
  • A two column paragraph text, and
  • A single row of paragraph text
The slider is made up of images and flipped with the aid of JavaScript.


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