How to obtain my mobile money transaction history

Electronic money and online/OTP financial transactions are most common in the Western world and other countries in the form of bank cards and PayPal. In Cameroon the most common form of e-money and OTP transactions is mobile money.
This can be seen in the proliferation of kiosks all over urban, semi-rural, and rural cities deployed by telecommunications operators;  MTN, Orange under their respective brand names.

These kiosks are operated by personnel who diversify their activities to better leverage on the numerous revenue streams proposed to them and commissioned by telecom operators. 

As an operator of one such kiosk it is important to know how to obtain your transaction history yourself without going to an operator service point. This also applies same for users of mobile money services in Cameroon and covers MTN Mobile money account holders only. Orange Money would be covered in another post.

So, for whatever reason, if you want to obtain your mobile money transactions for the past 12 months follow the instructions as listed here below in 5 easy steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. You should see a screen that says “Welcome To MTN Cameroon mobilemoney User Web Application. Please login with valid credentials to access the application functionality.” 
  3. Enter your phone number and your mobile money PIN code (remember: never share or communicate your PIN code to a third party) then click on login. 
  4. You would receive an SMS with a one-time code that verifies if you are in possession of the phone containing the SIM card that has the mobile money account. 
  5. On the second screen that present enter the code received via SMS and proceed to login.
Once logged into your account from the web, you would be presented with a simple to use interface that permits you download in .csv format your momo transactions of a selected period of time. If you want to make sense out of the data, we are available to help.

It is that simple, if you got stock or are not able to do this, let us know in the comments and we will help you out. The next post on mobile money would be on how profitable it is to open a mobile money kiosk in Cameroon.


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    1. Hi Escarter,
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  2. Hello guys please i would like to get more details on the transaction like the numbers to which money was sent to but the messge was deleted from the phone

  3. hello please i wish to get the mobile money history for my number. money was sent to it but messages deleted and the cash in stolen

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