How to search for the right degree program in a university abroad

This article also answers other questions like:
  1. How to get the best degree program in an international university,
  2. How to obtain scholarship and or funding as an international student,
  3. How to self finance my graduate studies abroad
So after setting your goals, if one of them is to further your education, then read on to find out how to obtain the right place for this.

Investing in your education is a wise and life long investment that has to be carefully thought out. I assume that you already have a field of interest in mind and only want to get a right place to further educate yourself in that domain.

Lets now dive straight into the subject of this article:

1. Decide on the country where you want to further your education

In making this decision, factors to consider are:
The educational reputation of the country in question compared to other countries,
The main language(s) of study in that country versus languages you are comfortable with.
Once you have settled in for a particular country you can move unto the following steps.

2. Decide on the university you want to attend in that country

This is the key point in this article. Deciding on the university can be very dependent on questions like:
  • Is the university an accredited university?
  • Is it best in courses in your field of study?
  • Is the tuition affordable compared to other universities and versus your budget?
  • Is there the possiblity of working on or off campus while you study?
I would not advice you proceed by searching for schools on the major search engines, rather, here is a systematic approach:

Get a list of all top universities in your country of choice in step 1 above.
To do this, go to the website for Ranking Of Web Universities ( and in the search box enter the name of the country where you want to continue school and click on search. The search results are very important. As you exploit them you will find:
  1. The world ranking of those universities/higher institutions,
  2. The country ranking of the univerversities/higher institutions,
  3. Links to the right websites for these universities, (this is very important it may help deter you from scammers)

Click on the university name to move unto its website,
Next, look for a link that says something like Research or International students or Programs, luckily there seems to be an international convention followed by university website content editors that makes these words most used at the top and bottom of the web page.

After clicking as instructed above, you will find a list of programs offered by the university and the various degrees issued. Click on a program and get to the website for the program where you will find program specific:
  • Admission requirements,
  • Admission deadlines,
  • Entry dates,
  • Tuition/fees and funding,
  • Application process,
  • Department(s) or school(s),
  • Physical addresses and other important email addresses of the course.

Patiently doing this in a step wise manner for all the universities on the list displayed by webometrics website ensures that you exhaustively search through the top universities in the country concerned and thus would have a higher probability of stumbling on a course that offers scholarships too.

Remember to take summary notes as you navigate because you will need the notes in the end for an informed final decision as to what university to send your application to.

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