First Aid To Android Smartphone Problems - Part 2

 Setting up a smartphone for first use.


This is part two of the article "First aid to android smartphone problems". In part 1, I covered Understanding what a smartphone is, and what to consider before buying one. In this part we are going to cover:
  1. Internet configuration on a smartphone
  2. The neccesity of a Google account for android phone owners
  3. What apps must I install on a new smartphone?


1. Internet configuration on a smartphone

After purchasing a new smartphone, the likes are high that you would want to start browsing the internet with it. I believe you would agree with me that no internet means no smartphone experience. It is pretty easy if you want to use Wi-Fi in connecting. you will be prompted to input just the password if the network is protected. However, if you want to benefit from internet bundles provided by telecom operators in your country, then you need to add some minor settings to your network area I had written about that in how to configure my phone for internet access.

2. The neccesity of a Google account for android phone owners

In other words, a Google account is an email address that ends with "" Once you have an email address like that, it implies you have a Google account and you can have all of Google with this single account. It is very neccessary to own a google account if you posses a smartphone powered by android because Google is the proprietor of the android mobile operating system. With this account, you will be able to mange your phone with much ease.

As a start, after purchasing a new device, and after having configured internet on it, you probably would want to install apps on it. You will need to log into Google Play Store (The online repository for all android compliant mobile apps) to get this done. There are many other ways to instll an app in an android phone but the most recommended is to install your apps via the google Play Store.

So open the Google paly app and using your Google account, sign in. Once signed in, use the intuitive GUI of the play store app to search and download free apps or just about any app that is available.

3. What apps must I install on a new smartphone?

Now that you have configured Internet on your device and have signed into Google Play store you are more than ready to get going. Before that, let's explore some common applications that you will certainly need as you use your phone.

To begin, let's install browsers. Go to play store and search for Firefox and install. There after install chrome browser too. You need to install browsers because it is with a browser that you will be able to view Web pages. It is with these apps that you will make maximum use of your smart phone since you will be able to:

  • Search the internet
  • Visit websites 
  •  View and apply for jobs 
  •  Download notes and study materials  
  •  Apply for scholarships 
  •   Etc
Let's now secure the phone by downloading a free anti virus app. Avast is a common take here and it ships with additional useful functionalities that you will find handy while using your phone.  Avast will help you scan for very old files and ask you to optionally delete them. It will help control app installations from insecure sources.

Let's now install a jotter. It will help on the go for you to easily take notes wherever, save them in the cloud and access wherever whenever. The app is very easy to use and light. Again go to play store and search for Google Keep and install. Open it and sign in using your Google account. Once this is done your good to go and you can use it as a jotter. Even if you loose your phone or the app. When you sign into it from another phone, you can get back all what you ever entered into the app.

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