How to recover my email account/password or create a new email

Most often, when people come to me for help on software installation on their PC or app installation on android phones, the most frequent bottleneck is having an email address and/or getting access to this email address if the user name or password is forgotten. In this article, I am going to cover:

  1. What is an email address
  2. Which email provider to chose
  3. Precautions to take when creating an email account
  4. What to do if email password or username is forgotten

1. What is an email address?

Simply put, an email address is a unique set of characters in a specially defined pattern used to identify a mailbox on an email server. In the definition, unique means that no two persons are supposed to have the same email address. Specially defined pattern explains the fact that there must be a unique combination of numbers and/or letters (alpha numeric characters) that are separated at one point by the commercial at symbol “@”. All what comes before the ‘@’ symbol is the name of a mail box on a mail server. A mail server is the special purpose computer that is used for sending, receiving and managing emails over a network of computers.

So the take here is that an email is used for internet messages and is unique for every user. 

2. Which email provider to choose?

These days you may not even have the free will to choose an email provider (the company or institution that owns and manages the email server) in the sense that many somewhat indispensable services require that the user owns an email account on their server first. Popular examples are Google, Yahoo, and Live etc.

Thus, I almost always recommend that people create their emails with Google or Yahoo. A Google email address will always have this format “” where mailbox address in most cases is a combination of your names and some figures. A Yahoo mail address would often have this format “” 

3. Precautions to take when creating an email account

To create an email address with Google, open a modern web browser either on your PC or phone and search for Google in the location bar. Click on Google in the search results list and once you see the Google search box at the top, click on sign in. Thereafter, you will be presented with a form that says One account. All of Google. 

email address creation form
how to create a Google account
Click on create account to continue. This action will take you to a form where in you will have to fill your personal information. The precaution to take here is to add a mobile number that you have access to and certainly would want to use this mobile number for a long time, at least as long enough to allow you change the number in your inbox settings on a later date. 

It is also precautious to add the email address of a confidant at this level. It would certainly be handy in case you forget your account user name or password.

4. What to do if email password or username is forgotten

Now, after having looked back a little on email creation and the precautions to take while creating an email to avoid definitively losing access to your mail, let’s move on to the reason-d’etre of this article: what you should do if you forget your email password or user name.

It is simple, go to your email service provider and when presented the login form click on the link that says something like forgot password and intuitively fill the form that will be presented. You should have your phone on you while doing this because login information may be sent there. After having walked through the form, you should be able to reset your password. Your user name can be recovered in a similar manner but you will need to click on a link that says something like “forgot email ID”

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