9 Tips to Consider Before Travelling Abroad for Scholarship

           Never Travel Abroad Without Knowing These 10 Tips

Everyone loves to travel for many formal and informal reasons but if your educational ambition makes you desire to pursue a quality education abroad, here are some guidelines I consider vital in the international scholarship or financial aid program of any institution you desire in your dream country.

Never Travel Abroad Without Knowing These 10 Tips
  1. I have always thought that it will be a great advantage if you already have a trusted someone in your dream country so that in case of any impromptu or miscellaneous you can ask for immediate help.

  2. Before traveling make sure to have a strong presence on social media that must have built strong international relationships. This is a great asset since such acquaintances can respond to your pertinent questions and who knows! you may go visit them. You will find pleasure in www.linkedin.com.

  3. In the institution you choose to further your education in whatever program you desire, do well to provide quality information in filling their admission form or any other requirement document.

  4. “When it comes to money matters, don’t be ignorant” have a detailed information of the exact scholarship amount or financial aid the institution is willing to offer and the amount you will need to finance yourself entirely since you may never want to think that it is 100% assistance while it's not. Also find out who pays the flight, housing abroad and many more.

  5. Some institution often request that students who benefit from scholarships programs work with the institution for a year or two hence check this out so that you prepare for what you are going in for.

  6. You will need a heart of patience in other to find the institution that best suit you and at the end this virtue will draw you to multiple opportunities.

  7. Never think that reading every information on the website of the institution is a waste of time, they will always bring you back to it.

  8. All those who have multiple degrees and are well developed in their career will have an advantage in their search for opportunities abroad either for sponsorship to attend talks or special scholarship programs.

  9. Pursuit opportunities you are well verse with to compete in and where your gender, skills and personality can be an advantage.

Here are some sites that offer scholarships for international students that you can read through and find a program that suits you www.brown.edu , www.stthomas.edu , www.bu.edu and www.digipen.edu and if you desire to further your search, then go to www.topuniversities.com , www.iefa.org and www.scholar4dev.com

Never Travel Abroad Without Knowing These 10 Tips

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