6 Android Apps you can earn money from

Android phones have varied opportunities among which is accomplishing some tasks and earning cash from it that you can try out. I recently came across some lucrative apps that we better learn it in order to start earning little cash from our daily online activities. These apps include;

      1)      Paid unlock

With this app, you can download on play store from your android phone and upon installation, create an account. It has many information to guide you and ask any question. 100 Digi coins = 1 US dollar and payment is done through your
PayPal account and if you aren’t got any, u can save the coins till you have one. It’s interesting because you can see your daily activities and revenue acquired each day.

This app actually put paid advertisement on the lock screen of your phone meaning that before you enter the code into your phone, they present an ads that may interest you and just by viewing it increases your number of coins. But note that you need to just be natural with your phone as you normally do daily to be seen as a trustworthy person rather than over using your phone and forcing the ads. It also has other earning offers like referring the app to friends and answering surveys so you can use 2093522844 as a referral code when installing the app to get base points and refer your friends with your own code.

      2)      Cash English

     This is an app that makes you learn English through a game and then earn from it. I now have it in my phone and I use it during my spare time to learn English spellings on worldwide issues and earn points that are converted to cash. It requires patient like any other job and you need to walk around and read all the opportunities they offer in order to take advantage of them. You can link the game and play on Facebook; boost your point and play crazy count to bit other players. It’s not earn quick cash now, cause if you hear such run! But it’s earning a lot of points during spare time for a month even and then get cash through PayPal. Easy but also tough.

3)      Cash Wallet

It’s the best so far for me because it sends notifications of any additional point you make and provide more clarity in the points you generate daily by the number of points you get after each app download and surveys you provide. It contains organizations that offer apps for points.

Note that after downloading a particular app you need to at least launch it and keep it for some time before deleting it in order to create space for more apps. I have already made much coins and it will be an advantage for you to use my id CWEF342 to login so that we both receive more points and you can share your own id to make more coins with your friends.

      4)      Gift wallet : Very similar to cash wallet but has more offers from other app building organizations.

      5)      Champ cash : This is an Indian trusted app that provide services of shopping, referrals that can equally interest you make big with your android phone. Id 16077572

      6)      Make money - earn cash

     This app does not require any referral, survey or app download. It is among those that pay per clicks. Meaning that the clicks you provide is linked to a service that is not made known to you in order to generate funds. The total number of clicks requested is 1 million. I know that sounds much because you actually have to do 1 million clicks on your phone specifically on an egg that need to completely break so that you but in your PayPal account, but the good news is that the app provide two bonuses. 1 that makes your one click to be recorded as two clicks and the other that requires you to watch a short video app advert in order to get 500 clicks. Happy now, OK, so you can use your two bonuses as much as you can

Like I said, am still engaging in them, daily increasing my point and letting you know so that you can start too. I will be prompt to bring up important updates on this article like my earnings and other more trusted applications. You can always comment on the section below to voice out your questions.

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