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Internet pentration rate keeps rising in Sub Sahara alongside data penetration & smart phone penetration in the telecommunication sector. All these are due to improvements in technology and network availability which also come with some inconveniences.

It is common to see users of MTN modems reluctantly take out their secondary SIM cards from their modems in order to insert into a phone before dialing a USSD code for data bundles' subscription.

This post will walk MTN users through the process of subscribing for a data bundle without having to take out their SIM card from the modem to insert into another phone.
Internet users with a limited budget who want to curb down on the expenses on browing would more often take out their SIM cards from the modem so as to subscribe for special economy data bundles offered by MTN Cameroon. If you have ever done this then this eye opener post is for you. Get the more or less trivial tips below.

The ideal situation is that you have your primary SIM card that you use in your phone and a secondary SIM card that you use in your internet modem. There is no need to ever take out the secondary SIM from the modem. If all you want to do is subscribe for a data plan, then follow the steps below:

  • Using your primary SIM, dial *123*3*1*2# to obtain the screen in the next image

Offer data bundle to third party
Offer a data bundle to a third party step 1

  •  Select the duration of your solicited data plan from the menu by entring the number that corresponds to your choice.

step 2
Offer data bundle to third party step 2

  • Chose how much you want to spend by entering the number that corresponds to your choice. Validate and go to screen in the next image

offer data bundle to third party step 3
Offer data bundle step 3

  • Enter the number of your secondary SIM card (the SIM in your modem) and validate to receive the data bundle in your modem. 

That is it all. You may now browse directly from your modem or share the connection with nearby WIFI enabled devices. 

In the same way, you could enter a friend's number in place of the number in your modem if you want to gift a  data bundle to the friend.

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