3 Beginner tips on how to keep a clean and professional mail box

tips on how to keep mail box clean and professional
In this article, I am going to share with you tips that will help you keep a clean and professional looking mail box. If you have ever felt like it sucks to see your mail box cluttered with emails that you are not ready to read or do not have the time to read them, then continue reading to learn about these tips that will free you from the hassle and make your mail box look like that of a computer literate.These mails may push more petinent emails to the bottom of our inbox and eventually hide them from being viewed.

1. Receive only important notifications

When we signup for social media accounts it is likely that we do so with an email address. It is important that we filter the bunch of emails that these social media sites push to our mail boxes. In order to demonstrate, I will take the case of the famous Facebook.

I wonder who will want to read all the emails sent by Facebook. Mostly you find that you have close to a thousand or even more unread emails from Facebook especially if you are very engaged. There is a way to reduce the number of emails sent by Facebook to a list that is just important for the security and upkeep
of your Facebook account.

This tip would have been irrelevant if Facebook was not as popular. More people would have been visiting Facebook from their mailboxes but nicely it is instead the reverse, with more people signing into Facebook and only rarely visiting their mail boxes that may be they created just because they
 needed a Facebook account.

There are a number of mailing lists you can subscribe to from Facebook. By default you are going to be receiving notifications about friends, friends of friends, activities, and such as these from Facebook. But if you do not want to clutter your mail box with irrelevant mails from Facebook, you may proceed as below:

Sign into your Facebook account
Click on the drop down link at the top of the page that leads to the logout link. Afterwards, click on the settings link.
how to unsubscribe from facebook unwanted emails

On the left menu click notifications. Change from the default selection to the option that says something like "only notifications about your account, security, and privacy". You are done. From now henceforth, you will receive fewer and more important emails from Facebook.

2. Organize your mails

Organizing your mails means using the features of your mail host to group your emails into folders with more descriptive names rather than leaving everything scattered all over your inbox. You may want to group emails into folders with names like education, job alerts, social media, personal, etc

3. Unsubscribe from irrelevant mailing lists

Lastly but not the least, at the bottom of every email you see in your mail box, there is a link to opt out from receiving emails from the sender if you
do  not want to receive such emails again. Just click on the link and a wizard will walk you through some few steps to unsubscribe from the mailing
list in question.

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