3 things to better your android experience

Android is a great mobile operating system. It has improved on the ease with which many things are done. Buying online, sending emails, chatting with friends, streaming videos, creating word documents, reading of PDF documents, etc is seamless on an android powered device.

A lot can be written just on the impact of android alone but in this post I want to highlight some simple yet non trivial ways of using android mobile phones for more productivity

1. saving a new contact

Android is cheaper and wide spread due to its open source nature thanks to Google. Also, an android mobile device that is not linked to a Google account is very limited.

Once an android phone is linked to a Google account it is possible to choose to save a new contact unto Google contacts instead of your phone or sim card. This way, you don't worry about space or  availability of your contact. A synchronization of the device will make your contacts available where ever you log into your Google account, say from another android phone. 

If your phone is stolen or missing your contacts will stay;  thus no need to pay your mobile operator for save guarding your contacts whose backup is seldom hitches free.

2. Using hangout for sending SMS

For android phones that don't have Google hangouts as the default SMS app, it is a good practice to set it as the default SMS app. This way, there is the possibility to send out emoji and express yourself more with these images as you type less.
Also it exposes the user to the invaluable features of Google's hangouts making learning an implicit process.

3. Owning a Google account

It is almost impossible, if not inconvenient to have an enjoyable android experience without owning a Google account. If you just bought your android phone then the very next thing you should do is to create a Google account and link it to your phone.

With this Google account, installation of apps will be very easy and trust worthy since you will be installing directly from play store. unless you're a developer or really understand what you are doing you shouldn't resort to installing apps from unknown sources.

You will have a better experience on your android phone with apps like YouTube, Google drive, Gmail, Play store, etc if you have an associated Google account. 

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