What & how much to pay for a website

How much do I pay for website
This post came up because people often ask me this question almost on the go. Owning a website is easy but owning a good one is an often controversial topic. So am going to be as brief as possible in answering the question of what to pay for and about how much has to be paid in order to own a good website. There are a number of free options but in business you always get what you pay for; so imagine what you can get if you pay nothing.

There are basically three payments you need to make in order to own a custom made website.


1. Payment for a domain name


 A domain name in IT parlance is that word or phrase made up of alphanumeric characters but without spaces and some special characters and commonly ending with one of .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .guru, etc. When this word or phrase is typed into a browser's address bar it takes the user to a particular location on internet server computers based on some programmatic parameters.

One domain name can be owned by only one person(or one legal entity) but one person may own multiple domains. Examples of a domain name are am2blog.com, samaritansbay.com betterlearnit.com, facebook.com, google.com, youtube.com, wikihow.com, wikipedia.com, etc

So if you want to own a website you need to buy your own domain name. Actually, you are not buying it; you only register it and use for the time period specified during your registration. Everything in the software industry is organized thus there exists an international organization in charge of every single domain name on the world wide web. It has accredited affiliates who then resell these domains to individuals and organizations. How much you pay depends on the re seller you are doing business with and the amount ranges from 1peny to several thousands of dollars.


2. Payment for a hosting space


After you register your domain name you need to point it to your website files. These website files can only be located on an online server for they to be accessible on the internet. So primarily what you pay for in this phase is the physical Hard Disk space measured in bytes. This is going to serve as the house of your website files; reason why it is called hosting space.

Even though you pay here for the hosting disk space there are other important associated optional and mandatory features needed for the upkeep of the website files. Some of these associated features are: bandwidth, the server scripting language, etc. It is because of this that the price also fluctuates between hosting service providers mostly ranging from 1penny to several thousands of dollars depending on your potential traffic and other parameters.


3. Payment for a web designer


The third and most obvious thing required for you to own a website is the services of a web designer. If you can do it yourself fine but if not then higher a professional web designer like King Sufu who will make your website look and function the way you want it. After the website designer builds the website, s/he will then transfer the files to the hosting space of step 2 and point the domain of step 1 to the website files of step 3.

Again how much you pay here depends on the professional you are doing business with and because you read this article, if you contact me and in your message you reference this article, I will build you a website for free.

Conclusively, if you registered a domain called am2blog.com then when people type it into a web browser's address bar they will then get to your website.

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