Travel to Dubai and work, here is what to do

So you want to travel to Dubai, live there and work there too? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. Continue reading to know what you need, where you should start and how you will eventually hit your dream.


What you need


 Your needs will range from money through relationships to documents. The number one document that you will have to acquire is a passport that will serve as your international identity card while you are abroad.


Where to start


After getting your passport, the next thing to do is to compile all your relevant documents that you may need when applying for a job, and move straight into reputed job portal websites in Dubai and submit them there. You will learn more of what you need for every job on the job advert. 

While waiting for your application to be processed, go ahead on social media and make friends with people who live and work there. Mind you, you are making friends with them just to learn from their unique experiences and not to ask them for money. So find out from them more about the terms of contracts for related company positions there in Dubai and if possible how they interleave between jobs.


Hit your dream eventually


As soon as you get an employment offer from a company in Dubai, use it to apply for an employment Visa or if you are not patient enough to wait until you are offered employment before applying for an employment/work Visa, then go ahead and apply for a tourist Visa. But know that with this kind of Visa you are going to travel and stay in Dubai for a limited time. 

Be very careful whom you are dealing with when it comes to your Visa because there are legitimate middle men as well as many illegitimate ones. If you find good ones then work with them and get your Visa. They could even help you with purchasing your flight ticket and getting accommodation in Dubai. 

You may proceed in a similar manner if you live in a West African country.

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