How to make nkumkum and save money

Nkumkum is one of many food types that can be made from cassava. After realizing how easy it was for my grandmother to make nkumkum for home consumption and how it helped to curb on the spending set aside for food, I then decided to share with you how you could easily make nkumkum yourself and save some extra cash off it.

What you need

The following are all the things you need for this simple exercise.
  • Raw cassava
  • Kitchen knife
  • Fresh Water
  • A pot
  • A mat


Peel the cassava and wash with clean water. Chop the tubers into smaller sizes of about 3"x1.5" - well let the sizes suit your  preference and you may allow or remove the roots in the middle of the cassava.


Put the cassava in the pot and add water to the brim. Cover the pot and allow to stand in a clean dry place for 72hours. After this time has elapsed, drain out the water and rinse one more time.


Spread the cassava on a mat under direct sun light. Verify from time to time and when fully dry, collect your nkumkum and preserve in a clean dry place for home consumption.

Isn't that a great way to save money and make more use of the cassava you buy from the market and may never use for one reason or the other?

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