Gain weight taking a cup of soybeans every morning

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My interest in soya beans stems from when I used to help my grand mother to cultivate it together with other crops in the mixed cultivation practice my native land had been accustomed to. Soya beans was not like other grains, it really did fascinate me. We used to take it for breakfast while I wasn't even a teen yet and it was a great source of energy compared to other aliments that made up our breakfast.

As I grew up I kept noting the nutritional values of soybeans; learning from radio programs about the grain, inference from the food tests we carried out in high school, and asking experts about it. So I feel like I should share with you how soybeans can improve an individual's protein intake and help in gaining weight.

Soybeans is cheap and yet a great source of protein. According to the authoritynutrition website it can be clearly seen that soybeans contains:

63 %
16.6 g
9.9 g
3 g
6 g
9 g
1.3 g
1.98 g
5.06 g
0.6 g
4.47 g
Trans fat

Many weight queries are tailored towards loosing weight, but as you can see from the food contents of soybeans, you will gain weight by consistently taking a cup of soybeans every morning.  Just put two to three tea spoons of the powder in hot water just as you would do with tea. This is a cheap, natural and healthy route to gaining weight.

If you have access to the beans you may want to grind them yourself. In doing so, add a little pasta and/or crayfish to it in  order to improve on the flavor since the natural taste of soyabeans is not so appealing to take without some additives.

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