How to peel corn for cornchaff in 3 easy steps with video

Cornchaff is a meal of maize cooked mixed with beans and fried with several ingredients including palm oil. To achieve the best result of the cooking procedure, the maize seed coat has to be peeled off before cooking. This article outlines the process of peeling the maize seed coat without using a modern grinding machine which arguably does not always produce the best traditional result.

The advantages of washing corn/maize this way are that it does not take time when next you want to cook it is easy to preserve it in this nature especially if you want to maybe travel abroad with the corn.

Here are the three simple steps:

  • Put the corn on the fire 

Put the corn grains in a pot and add water to the brim. Put a little lime stone then stir gently. Bring the pot to the boil for about an hour or more depending on the quantity of corn in the pot.

  • Pound the corn after the appropriate time has elapsed

Take off the pot from the fire decantate to obtain the hot corn grains only. Now pour the corn into a basin, pound it with a pistle for about 30minutes. You are not pounding to make a paste. You are only pounding to cause friction among the corn grains. While pounding, be observant in order to notice when the corn seed coats start peeling off and make the contents of the basin muddy. At this point you are sure that the peelings of the corn have all been taken off.

  •  Filter out the corn peelings

When you must have finished with the step above, add water to the basin such that it overflows. Stir gently again to make the corn peelings float in the water layer above. Use a colander to filter out peelings. Continue with the colander until you have difficulty picking up corn peelings. Drain the water and spread the corn on a mat under sun light if you want to preserve it for consumption on a latter date or cook it with beans if you want to continue to prepare a corn-chaff meal.

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