Use computer to install android apps on phone - enjoy flexibility

install android app from pc
This is an old new tip that I want to share with you because it makes things a lot more easier and flexible. It has never been this geeky and convenient to install an android app on your phone from a computer yet it is not as obvious too.

It is possible to install an android app on your android powered smart phone from a computer even when the phone is switched off or offline.
This is possible because for Google play users to download applications from the play store, they are required to use an existing Google account or sign up for one.

Let's say you are connected to the internet from your PC and while browsing you come across an appealing app. It is needless for you to launch play store from your phone and start searching for the app. Rather just sign into play store from the PC and launch the installer.

Google will check for and report the compatibility of the app with the device you had previously used your account on and then will provide you with an installation link. Click on the link and the download will start on your android smartphone when next you connect to the internet from it.

Also navigating through the play store and searching for apps from a computer is faster and more convenient, rather than doing it on your android device.

You may also want to know that once you sign into Google play store and download an app, your identifying information is logged with the download. This way if you ever reset your phone or accidentally uninstall a premium app you can still get it back without paying the second time. So never worry about that your preferred game or app, it is safe with the Google play store and you can always get the installer again.
I am an android user I don't know if it goes the same for iPhones and Windows Phones, please if you do you could consider sharing with the world by commenting.

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