How to make money online from Cameroon, 3 Phases

There are many articles on the internet about making money online but they are not like "aloevera which cures every disease" In this article, you will certainly learn something new on how to make money online while living in Cameroon. You may not be a Cameroonian yet the air breath in your country is still the same as the one breath in Cameroon so you can still learn something relevant as you read.

This article is organised into 3 phases that details the activities you should carryout as you strive to work online from Cameroon. The 3 phases are: Investment phase, Realization Phase, & Reward phase.

A - Investment Phase

  • Get a computer

To earn a living online means everything is done electronically. You are going to do work using a computer. Here you do not need a super computer to survive. I recommend you go for a reforbished laptop for the start. Such laptops are available in major markets of Douala and tech shops around the country. Even if you don't have one you can still survive by making use of Google's free services

  • Get a Visa Card

Since everything is electronic online, you should get a visa debit/credit card in order to send out and also receive payments. This post on everything you need to know about UBA Visa Debit Card can greatly answers most of the questions people ask about getting a Visa Card.

  • Subscribe for the right internet/data plan

Today, the top 2 leaders of the telecommunications sector in Cameroon are MTN and Orange. So, I recommend you chose one of these for your internet data needs. They both offer my recommended plan of 1GB/day for 30 days at 10,000frs CFA yet, I advice you test the two networks and see which one is faster based on your home location because they varry in availability and territorial coverage.

I suppose you have an android phone and so do not need to spend on buying an internet modem for connectivity. You can share your phone's internet connection as WiFi or better still tether it via USB tethering.

B - Realization Phase

After making all the investments above, you should take action and realize your goals on online income. Thus, in the realization phase I suggest some of the ventures and website I personally have had a good experience working with and think if you follow the best practices for these sites you are going to earn yourself some descent online income.

  • Online Freelancer

As an online freelancer, here are many things you could do to earn money online; you could do typing, data entry, website design, logo and image design, writing of articles, software development, mobile applications development and etc. Select one of these where you have expert skills in, and visit some legitimate websites that hire these services like or

If you choose then you should carryout the following beginner best practices on freelancer so that project owners can be comfortale working with you and you consequently increase your chances of being awarded projects.
  1. Complete your profile
  2. Select a few 5 skills for which you are best
  3. Instal the Freelancer Desktop App
  4. Activate premieum, and chose the minimal spending which is about $1/month. Its not expensive, its the equivalence of 1 bottle of beer/month that you decided to instead invest for more potential income opportunities. Project owners some how take you serious when you are not just a free member.
  5. Start by bidding on low budget projects and as you grow your reputation and employer confidence on freelance you could start bidding on high budget projects
  6. Be specific in your bids and provide as much upfront convincing information ss possible on why you think you are the bet fit for the project you are bidding on.
Once you sign up for one of these services, build your reputation there with outstanding performance and that is how your contracts and projects will keep multiplying. I think you now know of a great way to get the most off your spare time as an online freelancer.

  • Online Broker 
A broker in business is a middle man. This is someone who buys and sells on behalf others. You can do this online and earn some real cash from it. You could buy affordable E-Books from sites like amazon for university students and based on your trading agreement you earn commissions from doing so. You could as well order online on local e-commerce websites on behalf of others and charge a service fee for this.

  • Online advertising agent 
As an online advertising agent, you can be running social media adverts for businesses wanting to increase their online presence. You then charge them for a service fee. Examples here are: Setting up and running Facebook Ads for local businesses. Providing analytics of their online presence and opening their eyes to the wealth of opportunities they have by exploring the internet for them.

  • Blogger
A blogger writes for the internet. A good number do it for the sake of their passion or as part of their profession. However the reason or method employed, a blogger can earn residual income by writing for the internet. As a blogger you need to establish a good online presence and build a good reader base/followers of your articles or news feed, then the saying that "where ever there is traffic on the internet there is money" would naturally follow.

You will be able to monetize this content by doing one of the following:

  1. Placing relevant adverts to your audience,
  2. Selling affiliate products and/or services.

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C - Reward phase

Here you learn how to receive the money paid to you for your online jobs.
Number one solution is via PalPal and unlike some few years ago, Cameroonian based PayPal accounts are now eligle for reception of payments via PayPal. All you need to do is create a PalPal account and link it to your bank account.

and that's it for now! If you liked the article please share to educate others on how to make financial use of their free time on the internet.


  1. Replies
    1. Hello Daniel,
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your feedback. Would appreciate if you share your thoughts or other ways on how to make money online in Cameroon; this post is by no means exhaustive and I plan on elaborating more.
      Nice regards.

  2. I will love to know more on how i can work in i try once but i never got to work

    1. Money is the cummullation of your hard work or faith or courage or talent. Thus you need one of these to be able to work on If you have all you are best placed.

      I however got my first projects after doing some of the following:

      1. Patiently built my profile and put up only a few skills that I can defend

      2. Painstakingly paid for at least the English language exam and wrote it online to score 93%

      3. Consistently bid for projects and proposing a lower price in order to curb the fact that I have little experience as measured by freelancer platform

      4. Always giving feedback to my project owner on my progress on their work.

      5. Downloading the freelancer desktop app

      That is just to list a few and you could check out my profile at

      Am available to help you in any way I can and asap.

  3. which other sites do you recommend for online jobs

    1. Thanks Charlotte for stopping by.
      Actually you could do an internet search to answer your question in a more exhaustive manner but if I have to recommend yet another online work platform after then that would be which am actually trying out a way into it.

    2. Other popular freelance sites are Upwork and Fiverr.The later is growing faster than most if not all freelance websites that i know on the web today, certainly because you can offer close to every job you can ever imagine in the modern society as a service ( writing, design, proof reading, moral advice, spiritual advice, data entry, become a virtual friend or assistant etc)

      If you are serious about making money from any platform online, always make sure you review the site and then learn how to succeed on such a platform.

      Usually, there would be tutorials written either by people who have used the platform or by the freelance site itself. For example, Do a google search on "how to succeed on Fiverr" and ... viola! will find articles and blog posts about your search that will guide you.

      As for me, i am currently interested only in writing and so, have chosen a site that offers only writing services. The site is called iwriter.

      Though i am some how new to the site, my experience so far is positive.

    3. Thanks for the advice +Vallery,
      It can be seen from your comment that you are a good writer thus certainly doing great on iwriter.

      My experience on iWriter in 2015 was not the best so I have been off the site ever since although I still accept their newsletter. I think I should recover my password and I must say you made a very essential point about working online on any platform "If you are serious about making money from any platform online, always make sure you review the site and then learn how to succeed on such a platform"
      This takeaway will help online workers to make the best of their skills.

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    5. When I share in a talk about entrepreneurship and internet business, I avoid to make it look like a get rich quick scheme. I rather let people know the level of hard work they have to put in to make things work.

      From that point of view, and while not refuting what +Stunning Bell said can you provide info about the ratio of those who succeed and those who do not?

      It can greatly help in decision making for the novice to network and affiliate marketing.

    6. Forget about what +Stunning bell is preaching. She's into affiliate marketing and is here talking about "solution to all your the possible options of making money online. There has and will never be any platform that offers all possible options of making money online.

      It's more realistic to talk about all possible freelance skills being offered on a single platform. That is indisputable.

      By the way, I know that you (+stunning bell) are part of wealthy affiliate and for your information not all countries are eligible for that platform.

  4. Great blog post. I'm excited to see someone who thinks like me: That there are more opportunities for Cameroonians to make money legally through the internet than they are illegally. I'm a writer and blogger at the same time. I think you fall among those who are to take the mantle from Ali Baba, Ewen Chia, Patel, Matt, etc. I mean the next generation webmasters. I will love to know more about your content. With my 1 year experience in Affiliate marketing, I wrote this post( to help others. Please check it out and tell me what you think in the comment section. Thanks bro!

    1. Thanks for seeing quality in my post and am happy we share a good vision together. Talking about making legal money online, i would want to reiterate particularly on the need to stop dog pictures scam and rather affiliate with an agency abroad to make clean business with real dogs.

      I would check your article and provide my feedback.

      Thanks Eric for stopping by.

    2. Ok. King, I'm waiting patiently for your feedback.

  5. I have a great affinity for making money online,just that I have no idea of how to start.most of the people I had to discuss with about it told me many things but nothing good, most of them where scammers.I wish you guys to tell me more about how I can take a start

    1. Hello Brice,
      I appreciate the fact that you are looking for a legitimate means of earning extra income from working online.

      I beleive I have covered many aspects of working online in this post by listing what you can do, how you can do it and what you need in order to do it.

      So, I invite you to ask question on what you do not understand so I know how to further help you.

      Thank you

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