How to easily filter water for domestic use with video

Domestic water filter setup
My country's political leaders are now preaching the gospel of "greater realizations" after preaching that of "greater ambitions". Many roads are being constructed amongst other developmental actions. Since construction can not go without destruction, many pipelines that used to supply water locally have been broken and water supply has drastically dropped causing people to resort to alternative sources.

Thus water carried from some wells is not clean but it could easily be filtered to make it fit for domestic use. The setup for this is as described below and also the video is a demo of the filter. The idea behind such a local, easy to setup and use, water filter is to try as much as possible to achieve a mixture closest to the soil profile in naturally occurring water bodies

what you need

  • Two buckets
  • A small piece of mattress material
  • Three buckets of sand (15Littres)
  • A bucket of gravel from volcanic soil (Tiny and big pieces)
  • Two stands
  • Two pieces of wood


How to stack what you have


Before you start, wash everything you have until they are somewhat clean and also make holes under the bucket wherein the materials will be stacked.

Put the mattress as the first layer under the bucket. Make sure it fits well at the corners so that no object can escape to the bottom of the bucket because you are going to be pouring sand over it. Next, add all the three buckets of sand  followed by the bucket of gravel and you are almost done.

Use the two stands to suspend the bucket with the mattress, sand, and gravel over with the two pieces of wood such that another bucket can be used underneath for collecting the filtered water.


Test the setup and enjoy the fun!


  You may play the two videos at the same time

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