How to look for an internship or job in Cameroon

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The processes involved in looking for a job still remain blur to most job seekers with the Advanced levels and even first degree holders especially those in my country. Every time I walk into a documentation centre, it is highly likely for me to find some job seekers trying to compile their application packages.

Some come up to me for help with their on line application. From what I have had to see, I could say eighty percent (80%) of the latter are either doing one wrong thing or yet the other wrong one. If they get it right with the motivation letter, they may get it wrong using the appropriate curriculum vitae.

That is why I want to highlight some of the things that every job seeker must do to increase their chances of being awarded a contract.

  1. Have a copy of your important documents on line

  2. Essential documents that make up application packages include but are not limited to certificates/diplomas, CVs, motivation letters, identifying documents (National Identity Card -NIC, birth certificate). A serious job seeker would want to have instant and remote access to these documents. Documents here listed that need frequent update should be kept in an editable format so that you can spend your free time improving their structure and content. You may learn more about this in my article on Make use of Google's free services. Remember to have a professionally looking resume that is easy to tweak for several job positions you may be interested in.

  3. Register with your local government's employment agency

  4. For those seeking for jobs in my country Cameroon, I advice that you register with the National employment Fund -NEF, also known as FNE - Fund National d'Emploi. Go to the website for FNE and create an account which will permit you to apply for jobs posted on their website. If you are not seeking for a job in Cameroon, then I guess your government has a similar structure for this.

  5. Subscribe to mailing lists

  6. Search for job portals in your field and submit your email address for automatic updates on newly posted jobs. In Cameroon some websites I have used and recommend are jobinfocamernjorku,   mapanjobs. Most of these websites do the next point for you.

  7. Be current with local news media

  8. Listening to the radio in the digital world may sound weird but it can help you in getting a job. Read news bars of TV channels, Check on the footers of local news papers and magazines, visit website of your dream company and check out for employment links.

    Give preference to seminars and webinars on career coaching, labour, and employment over "one man".

  9. Build up social capital

  10. My lecturer for a course on entrepreneurship jokingly said something am never going to forget. He said
    "What you call connection is not corruption, it is social capital". So I call on you job seeker to be social. Connect with the right people even if it means getting to them by joining professional social media like linkedin. Go for sports where they do too. There are just many ways to be social you can go ahead and ask Google if you want to grow your knowledge.

    Thanks for reading up to this point.

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