The Cheapest Ways to Promote a Small Business

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Many small businesses often neglect advertisements, they think money spent on advertisements is wasted money. Well there is always a way to curb spendings and yet drive more converting customers to your business.

The internet is ready for everyone. The big question is whether you are ready for the internet too? I am asking this question because the tips and tricks am going to highlight in this post are internet based. Enough of the babbling! find below the tips for making your local brand more recognized.

1. Create a social media page


This is a good fit for ventures in categories like fashion design, cosmetics shop, wine shop, artist(s) or band(s), book shop, and the list is long. A business in the above mentioned categories would benefit so much exposure from a page with a social networking site like,,, google plus

You could provide information about your business like the physical location, your business telephone number, a little description of the business. As you interact with your audience; other members of these social media they keep seeing these pieces of information and some do pass it round the web in the form of shares, pins, plus ones tweets and much more. That is your business being advertised for you while you are may be on vacation.

2. Create a blog 


Not sure what a blog is? check it out on blog.
You do not need expert skills to create and maintain a blog with today's' state of the art technologies. Engage with your customers and visitors in a more special way by keeping them posted on the changes your business is undergoing at any point in time. Unlike social media (which is not everybody's thing) a blog allows for users to view your content without necessarily logging into any website. Some people enjoy it this way.

3. Create a website 


Again there are free website creation services out there on the web that can permit you own a section of land on the internet. This task is a little more engaging but since these site builders offer the minimal functionality needed by small businesses, they tend to make it fun.

That is all for now, more tips will be updated here soonest.

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  1. I agree with you completely. I think its because of ignorance, with time, some may definitely catch up.

    1. Thank you Vallery for stopping by. The slow but steady internet penetration rate is definitely going to solve the problem especially in sub Sahara. As more and more people get digital, it will be more obvious to them how social media helps in promoting small businesses.


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