Make use of Google's free services like a geek and save some money

Google services
Am not trying to lure you into using Google's services, I only want to share with you how Google has been amazingly life saving to me. There are a number of things that you could get done with Google especially if you can not afford owning a computer and life would continue as though you had a personal computer everywhere you go. All you need is a Google account and all of Google would be yours.

I can not even claim that I know of all these free services because I keep learning about new ones every now and then. Some of the services include the following:

  • File storing service (Google drive).

Google gives you 15GB of free storing space where you could manage your photos, scanned documents (like certificates) videos, audio, zipped files etc just like you would manage them on your Windows desktop.

  • Office suit (Google Docs).
Here you could upload your resume, edit it, and even download it as PDF The interface is filled with commands that would make creating and editing documents a breeze for the average user. It does not end with word documents, you also have at your disposal spreadsheets with easy to acquaint commands. You may want to take a look at an on-line copy of my resume by clicking on the link  King Sufu's CV . I could edit or download this CV from anywhere provided there is internet access.

  • Website/Blog hosting service.

You can own websites that meet enterprise level needs by customizing the free site or blogs that google puts at your disposal. See an example of such customization on my personal website at the link King Sufu's Personal Website.

If you like the look and feel together with the functionality on my website and would like to own one like that for your business or organization, then tell me about it in the comment box below.

Some advantages that come with my customization are:

1. A custom top level domain name
2. You don't pay for hosting, google does it for free
3. Y contact page with contact form for emails
4. A blog for regular posts/announcements/news
5. Mailing list: people subscribe to your news
6. Regular google forms for online registrations and surveys
7. Seamless on-site video streaming
9. Professional emails (e.g
8. More cool and free stuff.

  •  Youtube: Is entertainment your passion?

Google has part of your start up cost covered. whether you are a footballer, musician, actor/actress, etc you can have an online collection of your performance. Google's youtube permits you to create your videos and have the whole world as your audience by publishing on a channel on youtube. You could even monetize these videos and make some good cash off them - just by using a free service. If you need help on how to go about setting up your channel on you tube for free tell me about it in the comment box below.

  • Email service by Google is a more or less obvious service.

  • Google also socializes you with Google+

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