How To Host Multiple Websites or Domains on a Single Hosting Account

Without any intentions to advertise, Arvixe is one of the leading web hosting companies out there. In addition to the web hosting, they offer other services like domain name registration, email accounts and such as these.
Nowadays it is tedious to find a good web host due to the quality of services offered and other parameters such as price, type and quality of support. If you have a little budget, you could host up to six (6) websites or domains on a single hosting account and
still be satisfied with the value of your money. Mind you these additional domains would be hosted as addon domains.

To do this, purchase a hosting package which comes with a free domain (remains free so long as you continue hosting and paying for your hosting). While logged into this account, purchase other domains as per your requirements and wait a while for them to go active - check the status on the link to manage domains from your billing account.

When active, login to your hosting account cpanel and navigate to domain management. Once you locate the domain management subtitle, click on addon domain and type the domain name you want to add to the current hosting account continue to fillthe form and provide the folder in which your website files would be hosted - be intuitive in deciding the folder structure. When you are done filling the form, click on the button to add the addon domain.

That is it all. You can now go ahead to FTP your website files unto the folder you specified while adding the addon domain. After you must have finished transferring your website files, your added domain will automatically point to the specific folder with the website files.

Do so for other domains so long as your limit has not been reached.

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