3 things men must know about achu soup

The mind behind the conception of achu soup is really genius-like. Every meal has its peculiarities but the achu soup is worth more than you possibly think. this post briefly discusses some three things that lovers of achu need to know about the meal.

Achu soup resurrects the dead man


Without calling a spade a spade, achu soup resurrects the dead man that walks along with the living man. When this dead man comes alive he can stay awake longer than usual after a meal of achu soup. This however depends on the ingredients that are used for the achu soup. Generally, common ingredients are used and amongst these are the "kang kang"; the magical portion in achu soup.  

Achu soup reduces drunkenness


  A drunk man can take achu soup alone in great quantities and would be able to differentiate between letters 'e' & 'c', and 't' & 'f'. This is scientific, The ingredients in achu soup act as a buffer solution to alcohol and thus reduces the percentage of alcohol in a solution of achu soup and beer, wine, and such as these.  

Achu soup is prepared by titration


 The only soup that is prepared by titration in Central and West Africa. As the laboratory scientists adds ACID to BASE in an acid base titration and observes carefully to notice the point of color change, so too does the cook adds lime stone solution to palm oil and observes the color change carefully too. The average titer is a tasty thick yellow soup for going round the walls of achu.


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