3 Things to Know Before Initiating a Domain Name Transfer

Domain name transfer prerequisite
Today, there are many companies and businesses around the web especially in the web design and web hosting industry. This has made the process of looking for a credible domain name registrar and/or web host a difficult one. As a beginner, you may find yourself wanting to transfer your domain name from one registrar of records to another; there are many reasons why you may want to do this. In this article I outline the pieces of information that should be handy in the transfer process for an eventual successful transfer.
In order to transfer a domain name the following are needed:
  1. The domain transfer key 
  2. Unlocking the name from the current registrar       
  3. Authorization from the owner's email address

Let us explore these further


The domain transfer key

The domain transfer key is a hashed key made known to you by your current registrar of records or given to you upon request. In the transfer process, the new registrar must request for this key since they can not initiate the transfer without the domain transfer key. I therefore goes without saying that this key is not a public key.

Unlocking the name from the current registrar 

Unlocking the name from the current registrar of records means logging into your current domain name's account and altering  the setting of always denying any transfer request irrespective of who is initiating the transfer. This feature adds to the security of the domain name.

Authorization from the owner's email address

Authorization from the owner's email address. A request to transfer the name is sent to the email address listed in the whois list of names. The request must be accepted by the owner of this email address before the transfer can be initiated. Usually, some time (about 7 days) is given within which the request must be accepted else the link expires. This is to ensure that the name is not being transferred by an unauthorized person.

I hope this article has helped improved on your knowledge.

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