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The internet has so many websites with as many reason d’ĂȘtre. Also, social media sites keep coming up with each playing a role to better life on the internet and interaction/experience with the computer. Let’s discuss a little about such a site; pinterest. Generally, pinterest improves various aspects of education but I lay emphasis on research and project writing. Lets say you wanted to write a project (whether academic or not) and you have the possibility to read the abstract
or summary or literature review from people of all gender and age groups and qualification all over the world; imagine how helpful this would be to your write-up. Pinterest fits well for such a purpose. It gathers the greatest of others ideas about topics in the form of pins on boards with a great deal of functionality attached to the boards and pins. Below you will see how pinterest makes life easier if you are writing a project or long essay.

  • Every project writer can own a computer

Pinterest gives an opportunity for all internet users to own a computer in the sense that with a pinterest account, you could turn what would normally be your bookmarks into pins and also manage your pins as boards. Am not saying that social bookmarking sites don’t exist, rather I have not tried them. Moreover, It is not all the time that you access the web with your own computer. You would not want to bookmark your interests on a friend's computer. Just login to your pinterest account and place the link to the article on your board. Adding Google Docs to this option can make you feel at home in 
an internet cyber caffee.
  • You will neither loose your data nor go out of space

The pins on your board are there to stay and the website file you could have downloaded to store in your local computer will remain on the website provider's server. You pull the content when ever need be. You are never going to lack storage space yet you will be getting the best of the resources when ever you need them.

  • You save time

By using pinterest this way you save time. The boards are often summaries of others' ideas, as you read them you get facts and tips on your subject matter. You could even invite your friends to see a collection of the resources you want to refer to as  pins on your pinterest boards. This way, you get their opinions about your subject as they comment on the boards and pins. All friends are not readily available so always try to save them some hassle. Google docs is another good fit for remote decentralized content management.

Disclaimer: The author is not in any way being paid or encouraged to preach pinterest. Rather he just can’t enjoy exploiting Pinterest all alone that is why this post on pinterest came up. All logos in this post are digital properties of their respective owners.

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