Own a bank account plus UBA visa card 12,000 FCFA

There are many ways to get things done. Some are cheaper, faster, more convenient than others. While there are many ways to owning a UBA and/or Ecobank bank account, what I am going to discuss in this post is how to own a UBA/Ecobank account plus international Visa card after spending 12,000frs CFA.
I am only sharing my experience and hope that somebody learns from it and that online entrepreneurs in my locality in particular will use it to meet their online financial transactions needs just as I have been doing since I knew about e-connect.

Now let me tell the story of how I now own a bank account and an international Visa card. I learnt about a network marketing business called e-connect.

You may want to learn more about e-conect but in brief e-connect is an affiliate network marketing business which involves just word of mouth and no buying and selling of goods providing an opportunity that orchestrates you unto a platform of other business opportunities.

I registered with e-connect by buying their registration form for 10,000 FRS CFA and that was it. I automatically had the privilege to enjoy the benefits of signing up for e-connect which include the following:

1. Choosing one of UBA and Ecobank for the creation of a Bank account.

In the bank account creation process, you are free to choose;

whether to have their Visa Card or not,

the type of card,

whether to do online banking or not,

whether to have a check book or not, and other related things.

The only thing you don not choose is the type of account for those who prefer UBA - current account. This could sound as a minus but it is really a plus for a salaried worker who could choose to let his/her employer wire their salary directly into their bank account.

2. Choosing a pack of items worth 5,000 FRS CFA out of five packs.

These items are present at the points of registration with e-connect and you get to take them home for personal consumption.

The packs to choose from are:

Pack 1

- Large Bath
- Dish washing soap

Pack 2

- Mopping bucket
- Dish washing soap


Pack 3

- cooking oil
- Dish washing soap
- Two spoons


Pack 4

- Paper napkin
- cooking oil
- spoons, sieve

Pack 5

- Body wash
- shampoo/conditioner

Wishing you a great experience with e-connect.


  1. Highly vigorous blog, I liked that much.Highly vigorous blog, I liked that much.

    1. Thanks Alicia,
      When anyone of my articles is liked by a visitor to the extend that they're motivated to drop a comment, it encourages me to keep improving the blog and adding value to its contents.
      Am happy you stopped by.

    2. Thank u very much i will go for e-connect and experience what u said.But is there a branch in Buea?

    3. Thanks for stopping by Pauline.
      In the 2015 days of e-connect, I knew only of their main office in Douala. I will check and duely feedback in updates to this post.
      Best wishes.

    4. Thankyou Sufu, your article is quite resourceful.I really need a bank account and visa card. Is there a branch office in Bamenda?

  2. hello sufu,i am yenika julius berinyuy and i wish to do online payment is it possible for me to do oneline transfer with out having an eco bank account and uba through some one

  3. Meaning online payment can be connected to Ecobank account

  4. is the a branch in buea

  5. Hello I like this blog hope to see more post about the work online prices of various visa cards

    1. Sure! Will keep the content updated and synchronised with UBA online card services

  6. Greetings.
    I wish to know the type of card I should acquire in order to do business online, make payments and also receive money online without opening an account in UBA bank. I also need to know what it takes to have that.
    Thanks, I am waiting for your reply.

  7. Hello,
    While this is not UBA blog, I still advice on their services that may meet your needs thus the existence of this post.

    To answer your question, get a Visa Card (associated to a current account) from UBA and signup for a Payoneer account. As you receive online payments into Payoneer, you can withdraw from any UBA ATM with the Visa Card.

    Hope it helps out.

  8. Can I use the visa card I have just created through this method for online business???

  9. Am in bamenda cameroon wish to find out how much I use to create and account and if the account can be use to receive money.


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