How to install packages for web development - The beginner's guide

As days go by, the tools software engineers and web developers use become more and more sophisticated but installing most of these tools is more or less non trivial yet there are some similarities with tools of a particular category. In this article, am going to state some things that are common with packages that are used by web developers.

Content Management Systems and Web Frameworks (especially php frameworks), have some commonality. Am going to limit myself to php based software. These are browser based software that are installed and setup from the browser interface.

They are developed such that the bootstraper index.php file is immediately accessed when ever the browser points to the directory containing the file. It doesn't matter whether or not the index file name is explicitly included in the browser url trying to trigger the bootstrap index.php file.

All that matters is that the directory with the right bootstrap index.php file be accessed. Also, we are going to see that it becomes unnecessary to memorize urls in association with installation of PHP CMSes or Frameworks.

To illustrate what I've been saying let us take the setup/installation procedure for the following software:

Consider the demo of just one example; the installation of wordpress. To install wordpress, download the latest package from and unzip it into your local machine's web server root folder.

Follow the on screen instructions to proceed and complete the installation. And that is it!

For all other similar software, proceed in a similar manner.

In conclusion, I think I have demonstrated the similarity in the installation of these software packages and the process is similar for most related software packages. I also believe I have contributed to eliminating questions like "how to install ANY CMS".

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