Business Analyses & Reporting Solutions for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner?

Do you want to make decisions based on your business data and not guess work?

Do you have a field sales force whose performance you want to track and evaluate?

You want to know in real time which product is gaining traction?

How to turn off autocorrect on Samsung galaxy J5 Pro

Am going to keep this post very short because its very easy to turn autocorrect on or off on the Samsung galaxy J5Pro.

Follow these instructions here after ang get it done under 20 seconds.

Go to the sms app or just any app that will enable you bring up the Samsung keyboard as you enter into typing mode.

4 Obvious reasons why small businesses need an online presence

A good business mindset is being able to adapt to the changes that affect the economy. Every era in life is defined by a major change and these changes can determine how the economy perceives certain economic activities.

Designing the home page for a small business website on blogger

This post is a continuation of How to structure and design a website on blogger where you learned:
  • How to prepare a skeleton for the overall website, 
  • Selecting a desing for body and footer of the website, and
  • Removing/hidding unwanted page elements that would make the blog look like a website.
In this post, you will design a home page for your website and learn skills that come in handy when realizing your own imaginative designs. 

How to structure and design a website on blogger

This post is a continuation of How to build a small business website with blogger - for business owners where you learned:
  • What a small business website is all about, and 
  • Had a basic understanding of the blogger platform
What you are going to do here is to create a Blogger blog, and customize it to obtain the skeleton for a small business website.

How to build a small business website with blogger - for business owners

With advancements in technology today, using technological products or services is become easier than ever. Also, as a small business or start-up you may not have the initial budget to handle your website needs. So I decided to share my accrued knowledge on how a small business owner or start-up can leverage on the features provided by blogger to meet his website needs.

UBA Visa Debit Card, everthing you need to know

What is it?

The Visa Debit Card is a smart EMV secured card, which is ideal for customers who want to stay in control of their funds and also make quick, easy and safe transactions without carrying cash. Because it is linked to the cardholders account, customers have 24 hours access to the funds in their bank account. Simply operate an individual Savings or Current account with any UBA branch to apply for a Visa Debit Card. Visa Debit Cardholders can use it to make purchases and pay bills anywhere Visa Cards are accepted, including in stores and the internet.